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EV controller LCD meter

Product Numbers: CDM series

Product description: EV controller LCD meter


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EV controller LCD meter


This is the market's first electric car for the CAN bus dedicated soft pointer LCD display meter, you can freely display controller, the parameters such as battery BMS information!

Supported interfaces: CAN2.0, RS235, RS485

Screen: 7 inch, 800X480
LCD color screen, can also be based on customer demand for the other screen sizes; with touch screen, you can use a variety of touchscreen-based operations.

Power supply: 9V, can be powered via USB hub, but also through the vehicle power supply.

Can display voltage, current, speed, temperature, speed and other parameters can also be based on the customer's agreement, showing all the required data.

Can be used with all major developers and production of electric cars modified car enthusiasts meter customized on-demand customer LOGO, logo.

Interface can be customized according to customer demand, the specific needs of consultations with the LCD instrument suitable for a variety of industrial products CAN or serial display parameters and other information, also can be embedded in a variety of devices to use as touch-screen operation.

Has successfully provided to a number of domestic famous universities and businesses to use an electric vehicle division.

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